Companies are becoming increasingly digital. This also increases the likelihood of cyber incidents, especially for small businesses that often do not have IT-savvy employees - let alone their own IT departments.

The EU-funded Horizon2020 project GEIGER is developing a cybersecurity solution for micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in Europe.

Specifically tailored to MSEs, the GEIGER education program offers a range of learning opportunities and training courses for different target groups: From basic cybersecurity topics for employees and trainees in MSEs to individuals who want to take responsibility for cybersecurity in their company. The GEIGER education program includes a certificate program that trains "Certified Security Defenders" to implement adequate cybersecurity measures in their MSE. Certified Security Defenders learn how to use the GEIGER Toolbox - a software solution that monitors devices within an organization for cybersecurity risks and suggests actions to mitigate those risks.

For education providers, GEIGER provides access to the GEIGER Toolbox, training materials, apps and educational games. GEIGER training is based on a curriculum that takes into account MSEs' perspective on cybersecurity and is aligned with current cyber risks.

More information about GEIGER:

In our info sessions, the University of Education in Freiburg (Germany) as a partner in the GEIGER project will present the education program and the benefits for GEIGER education providers.

14 November, 16:00 CET, online (in English)

29 November, 16:00 CET online (in German)

You can support the GEIGER project by completing the letter of intent (.docx) and returning it to The letter of intent serves as documentation and is initially an expression of interest. It does not result in any liabilities or obligations towards GEIGER.