Tailored especially for micro and small enterprises, the GEIGER educational programme offers a range of learning opportunities.

In addition to basic cybersecurity courses for employees, the GEIGER programme covers a Certificate Programme that trains “Certified Security Defenders”, to take adequate measures for cybersecurity within their company.

The GEIGER approach offers business opportunities for training providers. Trainings can focus on different target levels: From 'Improving Cybersecurity' for regular staff to 'Taking Responsibility for Cybersecurity', each with the help of the GEIGER Toolbox.

Certified Security Defenders – who are they (and how to join them)?

Certified Security Defenders are designated persons who take over responsibility on cybersecurity within their small business.

In the GEIGER course programme, Certified Security Defenders are trained to monitor the cybersecurity risks of the small business with the GEIGER toolbox – a software solution that monitors devices within a business and proposes measures for decreasing cybersecurity risks. In addition, they are trained in communicating cybersecurity basics to their co-workers.

GEIGER courses will be offered by GEIGER Education Providers such as small business clusters and alliances.

Are you interested in knowing more and becoming a Certified Security Defender, to help protect your company?
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GEIGER Education Providers – do you want to offer GEIGER training?

GEIGER Education Providers receive a package of ready-to-use learning materials and features, as well as a state-of-the-art curriculum on cybersecurity for small businesses.

Education Providers offer GEIGER courses on several learning levels, starting from basic knowledge in cybersecurity up to training for Certified Security Defenders. Courses cover cybersecurity topics and usage of the GEIGER toolbox to monitor your own business. Learning materials can be adapted for the specific target group.

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Image: GEIGER Education ecosystem